Keeping Your Pets Safe & Calm on the Fourth of July

While Fourth of July is great fun for most of us, the loud explosions from fireworks can frighten our pets.

“Pets are typically terrified of fireworks. These are big loud noises that animals don’t understand what’s going on. Cats and dogs get spooked and our shelter will fill up on the Fourth and Fifth of July,” said Kayleigh Murdock, Programs Assistant at the Lee County Humane Society.

Last year, the Lee County Humane Society had 15 to 20 lost pets from the Fourth.

So, before kicking off your celebrations, make sure to keep your pet indoors and resist taking them to parties.

“Keep them indoors keep them away from party. It’s tempting to bring a pet, but they won’t think it’s fun so they want to stay home. Panting is also a sign of stress and when you see a dog panting at a Fourth of July party, it probably means they’re stressed and you need to get them out of the party,” said Murdock.

Also, create a calming environment.

“Smells your animal likes, nice snacks and calm music,” said Murdock.

Update their identification and keep a tag on your pet.

“Keep tags on your pet and if you need a quick solution, write your phone number on your dog or cat’s collar,” said Murdock.

If your pet does go missing, check social media.

“Immediately go on Facebook. There’s a page called Auburn/Opelika Lost Pets. People are great about posting on there,” said Murdock.

Then, give the shelter a call. Let them know your pet is missing and you can fill out a lost and found form.

If something does happen to your dog on the Fourth of July, the Wilford & Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital, in Auburn, is open 24/7.

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