Lifelong Auburn Resident & Southern Union Instructor Brittany Cannon Dement Announces Run for Auburn Mayor


Brittany Cannon Dement grew up in Auburn and got her undergraduate degree in political science and a master’s degree in public administration, both from Auburn University.

“Graduate school was hard, but it prepared me to work for the public sector,” said Dement.

She now teaches Ethics and American Government at Southern Union.

“I’m surrounded by people who will be here the next 20-30 years and I’m part of that dynamic and these are the groups I’m talking to and I hear their concerns,” said Dement.

Dement and her husband also were foster parents to Kell. They then adopted their now four- year-old biracial son.

“For me that shines light on some issues in society we have to deal with regarding race,” said Dement.

She also said public trust, inclusion an open door policy are key in successful city government.

“As long as we continue to give people a seat at the table Auburn can continue to prosper,” said Dement.

And smart economic growth.

“If a city isn’t growing, it’s dying, but we have to manage how we’re growing and developers see that and I think they will be willing to work with us,” said Dement.

Dement hopes her love for Auburn and youthful spirit will win over the voters.

“I happen to be a mom and a woman. I think those are great assets, but if I want something to change, I need to be a part of that and be part of the discussion and make tomorrow better for my children and everyone else’s,” said Dement.

Auburn’s Municipal Election will be August 28.

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