Occasional Thunderstorm

A compact storm near the mouth of the Mississippi River will continue to move farther away this week.

Tuesday will likely feature a distinct lack of storms in the area; not completely rain-free, but more isolated storms as we’ll be sandwiched in-between the storm near the Mississippi River, and another one over the southwest Atlantic.

Our 242nd birthday celebration will be another humid day! What did you expect? It’s July. However, the heat will be right about where it should be for this time of year. Wednesday will be a day much like what we had today in terms of thunderstorm coverage during the afternoon and early nighttime hours.

Additional thunderstorms should flare up Thursday afternoon, as most of the southwest Atlantic storm moves across our area; albeit weakened from its current state. Look for another lull in thunderstorm activity behind it for Friday. However, this weekend may turn more active again as a weak cool front to our north stalls, and helps enhance the intensity and duration of of thunderstorms.

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