Local YouTube Stars Rescue Family in River

Brandon Jordan and Jake Koehler Capture Rescue Mission on Camera

YouTube Stars came to the rescue of a stranded family Monday.

The popular pair of divers viewed by millions on YouTube turned from treasure hunters to river heroes after rescuing that stranded family, hand delivering their own life jackets.

Law Enforcement tells First News it should have never happened.

“How’s it going man? “

“Are you guys recreational diving?”

“You guys okay?”

“Well, we were out swimming out here and they open the flood gate and we didn’t hear the announcement so now I’m stranded with kids. We can’t get across.”

YouTube stars Brandon Jordan and Jake Koehler were doing their thing diving for treasures in the river and quickly responded when a young family appeared trapped by the rising water.

The whole incident caught on Jordan’s go pro camera.

One dad, three kids and no life jackets.

Police say it’s a recipe for disaster.

“They were fortunate. The Whitewater rafting on the Phenix City side offered assistance. The snorkelers, the scuba divers that were there offered assistance. The citizen that was there that actually called it in there was a number of things that fell into place,” SGT Fred Carnes said.

“You want to put that on bud?”

Generally by the time the cameras show up, it’s not because there is a happy ending.

The Columbus Police Department is done warning people.

“With the number of drownings that we’ve had and now young children being drowned, we are no longer taking a stance of warnings. You’re gonna get a citation and possibly¬† go to jail for entering the river and endangering your lives and other people’s lives.” SGT Carnes said.

Police SGT Fred Carnes says people are routinely making a conscious decision to put themselves in danger in the river and the risk he says extends to first responders.

He says the incident caught on camera should serve as a reminder.

“Let’s get this guy in the boat here.”

“Yesterday was a rescue mission. We just hope that it never comes to be a recovery mission,” SGT Carnes said.

“Here we go boys.”
“You guys ready?”

“Here we go sailing away.”

Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News

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