City of LaGrange Employees to Hold Litter Clean Up Saturday

The City of LaGrange, Ga employees will hold a voluntary litter clean-up day. 

This will take place on Saturday, July 7th, from 7-9 a.m. The group will and their volunteers will start trash pick up at Hollis Hand Elementary School on Country Club Road past the bridge to Highland Country Club along West Point Lake.

This event is an voluntary and the city of LaGrange plans on holding monthly litter pick-up events with its employees. 

City Manager Meg Kelseys wants to send a message to the community by “Leaving LaGrange Better than We Found It”. 

The City of LaGrange closed non-essential business the morning of April 20th, and more than four hundred employees showed to pick up trash through out  the community.

While past events in April were mandatory, the monthly litter pick-up events will now be voluntary. Family, Friends and the public are welcome to participate.

 “We need to crate a sense of responsibility and ownership for roadways and other public areas. City staff have the opportunity to send a new message to our citizens and visitors”.  said Kelsey