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The WHO reports that there is good progress against the Ebola outbreak in Congo.


World Health Organization Chief says there’s good progress against the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Health officials in the DRC were cautious but optimistic as the pace of new Ebola cases have slowed down.

WHO has vaccinated more than one thousand people the past two weeks in all areas of the outbreak.

Health workers have faced difficulty in trying to persuade the population that shots pushed by foreigners could save their lives.


The organization has rushed in 75 hundred doses of the vaccine.

The vaccine was deemed the best option after it was tested a few years ago when Ebola killed more than eleven thousand between 2014 and 2016.


“When you compare the two, my visit a month ago as soon as the outbreak was declared and now, there are major developments, really good progress in terms of how we are doing with case management, surveillance, ”  states Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director General.

“The other thing which I was really happy about is (that) all partners are on the ground and they have already taken responsibility based on their competitive advantage and I was really glad to see the coordination really maturing.”

“Most of the active cases are now in Itipo. That’s why we visited Itipo. But be it in Itipo or in other places there is good progress. But that doesn’t mean the war is over, it’s not over until its over, actually.”

WHO says the estimated budged for the Ebola preparedness plan for the nine neighboring countries is more than 15.5 million dollars.


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