Gas Prices Rising

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Americans feeling pain at the pump.

The pain at the pump continues.

Consumers are actually spending 69 dollars a month a fill up their vehicles compared to last summer.

That’s according to a new report on from Triple-A.

Currently , Americans are spending about 7 percent of their annual 2018 income on gas.

With strong demand as the summer travel season gets underway, Triple-A says there’s little relief in sight.

Experts say motorists can expect to spend at least 250 dollars more on gas this summer with prices ranging between 2.85 and 3.05 through labor day.


But if you are heading out on the open road this summer Triple a suggests driving during the cooler parts of the day.

Cooler, denser air can boost power and milage.

Also, observe the speed limit , maintain tire pressure and don’t overload your car.

The heavier the car, the more fuel it uses.

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