Wild Animal Attacks Boy

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Boy mauled by an unknown animal attack.

A five-year-old Minnesota boy is recovering from an unknown animal attack that left him with 16 stitches.

Xavier Garza of Detroit Lakes was in his front yard Friday, when he tried to pick up what he call “a kitty.”

Xavier says when he picked up the animal, it latched on, scratching and biting him.

But he fought back, pushing the animal away and biting its ear.

But what exactly was that critter?

Detroit Lakes Chief of Police, Steve Todd, says officers showed pictures of Xavier’s wounds to a local vet and other animal conservationists who ventured it was no ordinary cat.

“The spread between the claws and the marks left on the boy’s head are too far apart to be a cat,” states Chief Steve Todd.

Animal experts say it may be a distempered raccoon or a fisher.

The police chief also says a neighbor mentioned seeing a fisher close to where Xavier was attacked.

Xavier described the animal as black with yellow eyes, and measured it with his arms somewhere between the size of a cat and a wild cat.

But shown a picture of a fisher, Xavier’s older brother, who was with him at the time, says it didn’t look like that or a raccoon.

“What did the animal look like to you? It was black with yellow eyes,” is what Xavier asked.

In the meantime, the city set a couple traps. Authorities want parents and kids to be careful.



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