Meandering Storms

Changes This Weekend?
Thunderstorms that ignited with the heating of the day will continue to drift slowly southward through the first half of tonight, before retiring and handing the reigns over to low clouds and fog.  Small hail and isolated flash flooding remains a concern, not only this evening but for the remainder of the work week.

Clouds and any fog will give way to a few hours of sunshine Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  However, additional showers and thunderstorms will develop, primarily during the afternoon and early nighttime hours.

A shift in the wind direction may aid in less coverage to thunderstorms this Father’s Day weekend.   A hit/miss afternoon/evening thunderstorm cannot be ruled out, so it’s best to have something to fall back on, if you’re outdoors.   However, tropical moisture in the western Caribbean should be headed for the western Gulf of Mexico; not here.

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