Big Humidity; Big Storms

Summer Setup

Slow-moving hit/miss thunderstorms will continue throughout the first half of tonight.   While widespread severe weather is not anticipated throughout this week, there can certainly be isolated pockets of damaging winds, hail and flooding downpours.    Always remember to have a plan in place if caught outdoors during a thunderstorm.  A vehicle, building or house make great “safe spots”.

Tuesday and Wednesday will likely be very similar days to Monday;  that will be in the heat, humidity and thunderstorm department.

Mainly afternoon thunderstorms will still be on the prowl later this week, although the coverage area may be slowly on the wane.    Father’s Day weekend may feature a downward trend in thunderstorm activity as well if we can get a storm to spin up over the southwest Atlantic, and another one over the western Gulf of Mexico, leaving us in-between with little wet weather.   Stay tuned, and happy early Dad’s Day!

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