Columbus Lions Add New Face to Further the Level of Competition


Through week five, the Columbus Lions sit in first place of the NAL standings and are playing some of the best football they’ve shown in quite some time.

“I was looking at the last game and I was just like amazed, that like wow we are really stacked on every single position, and the last time I felt like that was probably back in 2014 when I was with Seattle, and that team went to the Super Bowl,” says Columbus Lions offensive lineman Nate Isles.

“They’re just playing well and so the only thing I can do is continue to bring in quality players to try to push people to take what we believe is already a high standard and take it to another level,” says Columbus Lions head coach Jason Gibson.

That’s where former Ottawa Redblacks Steve Miller comes in, more commonly known for the pick six against Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

“I first got in contact with him when I was at CFL. He gave me a card so I ended up just contacting him and just letting him know that I was interested in playing in the AFL and it was all golden from there,” says Columbus Lions defensive lineman Steve Miller.

Coach Gibson’s plan of raising the standard has already started to reveal itself, when Miller suited up with the team in last night’s practice.

“We know that they are coming in here to compete at a high level and try to come out and play on the field and win games just like us, so you know we embrace that competition that competitive nature in them and you know we embrace it and you know welcome them with open arms,” says Columbus Lions wide receiver Durron Neal. 

And what better place to test out new faces than in Jacksonville, where the Lions will play last year’s champs this coming Saturday.

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