Rain Beast Alberto

Flooding Through Midweek, At Least

Alberto arrived onshore in the panhandle of Florida earlier Monday afternoon.   Heavy tropical rainbands around the periphery of the storm will continue to be intermittent throughout the course of our Monday night and Tuesday.   The big question is where the heavy south to north oriented rain squalls will set up once Alberto passes our latitude on Tuesday.    Although the storm will be a depression at that stage of the game, there will be plenty of tropical moisture streaming in from the Gulf of Mexico to produce flash flooding in those south/north bands.    On top of all this is the tornado threat; albeit isolated.    Thunderstorms will be embedded within the rain squalls, and any of which can spawn a tornado through Tuesday.   Some of these storms will be accompanied by wind gusts over 40 mph, so a wind advisory is in effect along with a flash flood watch.   Another thing to keep in mind is the potential for some trees to be knocked down, along with power lines, creating power outages.  The soil is saturated and the root structure of many trees is already weakened.

Drier weather likely won’t return until next week.  However, thunderstorms will become more hit/miss, or more typical of a Summertime scenario, later this week and into the weekend.   Most thunderstorm action will be limited to the afternoon/evening hours as well.    In the meantime,  stay safe and stay tuned.

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