Road Rage Shooter Indicted for Hate Crime

Decorated Soldier Indicted for Death of MSG Lorenzo Freeman Sr.

The accused road rage shooter responsible for the death of a fellow army veteran is now facing a two count criminal indictment.

The Russell County District Attorney presented evidence to the secret grand jury who agreed with the family of Lorenzo Freeman Senior after hearing eyewitness testimony.

The shooting they said was a hate crime.

The Grand Jury returned a two count indictment against Justin Davidson.

“Davidson was indicted for one count of intentional murder and another count of intentional murder that is enhanced by our state’s  hate crime provisions , our hate crime statue,” Prosecutor Ken Davis said.

The two Army veterans deadly confrontation occurred this past January after more than 20 miles of road rage between Lorenzo Freeman’s son and Justin Davidson and his wife according to investigators.

Retired MSG Freeman died from multiple gunshot wounds after showing up on scene with his own weapon.

His wife said the crowd was chanting racial slurs when the shots were fired.

“If the state proves, if we prove at trial that this case, this murder was motivated in part or in whole by a racial prejudice, an ethnic prejudice, a religious prejudie of some kind then the punishment , the minimum punishment is enhanced by the provisions of that statue,” Ken Davis said.

According the the Department of Defense,  his accused killer is a decorated Army veteran with seven years of service including a tour in Afghanistan.

Davidson was reportedly disabled after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

If convicted the army specialist faces 10 years to life in prison.

Justin Davidson is currently being held in the Russell County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

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