Auburn University’s Veterinary College Hosts Celebration of Life Program


The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine held  the celebrations of life awards in the Veterinary Education Center.

These are cases in where these animals should not have survived but have. They were treated in their Emergency and Critical Care Service.

They had more than 20 animals and their owners come to the event; each case is highlighted and then a case of the year is named.  Whiskey Jackson, a four-year-old English bulldog, owned by Sabrina Jackson of Phenix City, was one of two Cases of the Year awarded by the Auburn Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Whiskey presented with Brachycephalic airway syndrome with post-sacculectomy and soft palate resection, and had to have a temporary tracheostomy. He stayed in Emergency/Critical Care for 13 days.

The event is named after the late Dr. Dougie Macintire, who was a faculty member in emergency and critical care, who died from cancer many years ago. This program was her idea and a celebration to brings together pets, their owners,
and the veterinarians and staff who were instrumental in their path to recovery.

For more photos of pets and their owners, check out the college’s facebook page

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