OM Patients Launch the Eye Patch Challenge to Raise Awareness and Funds for Research

The eye patch challenge for Ocular Melanoma research is an activity involving wearing an eyepatch in honor or memory of
someone with OM in order to promote awareness and encourage donations for research.

The Challenge encourages nominated participants to wear an eyepatch and engage in any activity
(with the exception of driving) and either video it or take a picture. The participants are encouraged to make any size
charitable Financial donation within 1 week.


1. With in one week of being nominated, participants must video or post a picture of themselves withan eye patch on engaging in some type of activity, (for example eating at a restaurant, working, playing asport.)

2. Participants will state that they accept the challenge and encourage everyone to get an annual eye exam with dilation.

3. Participants are encouraged to post their activity on social media to increase awareness and donations.

4. After completing the eye patch challenge participants are encouraged to nominate three to five other people, groups, or organizations.

The eyepatch challenge has been created bythe OM patients  affiliated with Auburn University who are
looking to fund their research. If more money than needed is collected the money will be kept in this fund and allocated
for OM research in general and in support of OM patients getting treatment.

To donate go to on the donate button.

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