Humidity? Yes

Occasional Storms
A batch of rain with embedded thunderstorms will trickle south and east early tonight, weakening as they do so.   The heaviest activity may be more prone to hit the farther south and southwest you are from Columbus.   Areas of fog will form toward daybreak in the same areas that got wet today; something to keep in mind on your way to work or school in the morning.

In a nut shell, the recent dose of high humidity is going nowhere; at least not anytime soon.   However, thunderstorm activity will be slowly on the wane when compared from day-to-day.   That doesn’t mean heavy downpours and isolated damage is off the table, but the coverage area should be gradually less starting this weekend, and perhaps a bit more next week.    You’ll still need to keep an eye to the sky, primarily during the midday into the early evening, but large respites in the rain will be had.


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