My Goodness, It’s Hot

Mainly Rain-Free Weekend

The weekend is here!  It’s a hot one too.   A lone late-day thundershower cannot be ruled out, but if you have outdoor plans, you can certainly keep them.   Humidity will be bordering on the moderately high level before going exclusively high next week.

Meanwhile, a storm is slowly getting its act together in the Gulf of Mexico.   The humidity already noted will be the precursor to more numerous showers and thunderstorms; likely beginning Tuesday.   Since this storm will be only be meandering across the region, expect several days of on and off thunderstorms.   The slow-moving nature of these storms may eventually lead to isolated flooding, so heads up by the end of next week.

In the short term, grab a dinner date, go outside (Outdoor Dinner Date Index is a 9!), try to stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

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