Documents Show Candidate’s History of Breaking The Rules

Election Board Could Still Challenge Zeph Baker's Qualifications

Any member of the Board of Elections could still make a motion challenging the legitimacy of Zeph Baker’s campaign.

Public documents from business tax liens to campaign financial disclosure forms show bare minimum , Zeph Baker has a problem following the law.

According to court records, Baker’s recent speeding ticket for 98 miles an hour is one of nine citations he’s received in the past five years including no insurance, no state tag, and one in 2016 for driving on a suspended license.

It’s significant because it also shows his home address in Newnan.

Divorce documents including the most recent filing dated April of this year is also significant because it shows he was served at his home on Lantana Way in Newnan, Georgia.

Baker has gone on record with First News stating his “domicile” is the home on Bolton Court where he also ran a business , Majestic Sunz.

“It is where I have grown up. It is where I’ve served in my City. It is where I have raised my children,” Baker said.

Reporter: It’s also where you made money you were paid by the state to run a home for mentally challenged so when did it stop becoming a business and become your personal domicile?

“It never stopped either one. It continues to be both,” Baker responded.

It continues to draw the attention of the Georgia Department of Labor too.

Baker currently has 11 uncancelled tax liens associated with Majestic Sunz, the most recent in January of this year but perhaps the most troubling trend is Zeph Baker’s continued refusal to submit finance disclosures required by law.

Most recently he missed a March 31st deadline to show the public who is financing his campaign and how the money is spent.

It’s a pattern that dates back to 2008, during his first campaign and every one since.

Jeanette James with the elections and registration office declined to comment specifically on any one candidate but did concede the blatant failure to comply is quite rare.

Reporter: This is really about transparency.

“Very much so. Very much so. I mean why would you not want the people to know? Why would you not want the public to know who gave you money? I mean that’s part of the rules. That’s part of the procedures. So why can’t you follow the procedures?, James said.

According to the law, Board members can challenge the qualifications of a candidate at any time all the way up until the day of the election.

If they fail to take action, the voters of Muscogee County will ultimately determine the candidate’s credibility.

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