The 90s Are Coming!

Heat/Humidity Set To Build

Very warm to hot weather will continue through this week, including the weekend.   Although a shower will wobble through a couple neighborhoods early this evening, the outdoor dinner date index will remain high, given the small coverage area to the showers.   Clear skies will return tonight, and the humidity will remain at a comfortable level.

Expect similar moderate humidity levels the rest of this week and weekend, although the heat will continue to slowly build.   The first 90 degree weather of the year will arrive, but it will not set a record.   A couple spots can pick up a late-day or nighttime shower at week’s end, but most will not.   Keep your outdoor plans right through the weekend, but keep the water bottle close by!

Humidity will finally build early next week with a little more coverage area to afternoon/night thunderstorms expected.   However, it will not be enough to keep the strengthening drought at bay.   Stay cool, and enjoy!

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