Local Rapper Killed for 16 Pounds of Pot

Eric Spencer Accused of Killing Brandon Denson in Pizza Hut Parking Lot

Police testify a local rapper was shot dead over a drug deal gone bad.

Family and friends listened intently as a police detective told the court that there was surveillance video that showed exactly what happened to Brandon Denson as he sat in the parking lot of a local Pizza Hut the night of April 6th, 2018.

According to court testimony Brandon Denson sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes with a duffel bag and 16 pounds of pot waiting to hook up with people from the neighborhood,

a click detectives called the “knock out kings”.

“We couldn’t get an idea who are the knock out kings? How many people are in the knock out kings? What is a knock out king?” Mark Shelnutt asked rhetorically.

Investigators testified a car with several suspects including Eric Spencer drove up next to the victim and the brutal murder was caught on camera.

Detectives could not identify Eric Spencer from the surveillance video but they said his fingerprint was left on the back door when he opened fire , shooting the victim three times from behind.

“I mean there’s no witnesses, they haven’t recovered any property that was supposedly taken, no weapons recovered, no other witnesses to this. It seems like they kinda just wanted to make an arrest and see you know hopefully how the cards come later.” Mark Shelnutt said.

PoliceĀ  announced the names of four other suspects acquainted with Eric Spencer late this afternoon.

The suspects are known by their street names: Sosa, Jeezy, Fatt fool and pistol and are currently listed as persons of interest for the murder of Brandon Denson .

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