Ex Con Shot by Police has Violent Past

Damion Collier was Person of Interest in Two Recent Murders

The ex con shot by Columbus Police while they were attempting to serve a warrant has had multiple violent encounters with Columbus Police officers according to court documents obtained by First News.

This new information about the suspect killed by two Columbus Police Officers includes multiple arrests and convictions for various charges from Burglary and Robbery to Obstruction of an Officer.

According to public records from State and Superior Court in Muscogee County, this was not Damion Collier first violent encounter with police.

Columbus Police, including undercover agents swooped in to arrest 24 year old Damion Collier Wednesday for outstanding warrants like they had done a half a dozen times before.

This time police say Collier pulled a weapon..

“At some point in time the man reached for a weapon that is still inside the car. Two police officers fired their weapons striking the suspect.”

CollierĀ  was well known to law enforcement with a rap sheet that dates back to 2012 for robbery charges and his first obstruction charge.

Collier was given a first offender status but appeared back on police radar, again for stealing and in 2014 for punching a corrections officer in the face.

He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to five years in April of 2016 but was back on the streets on probation months later.

According to jail records Collier was recently back out on bond for aggravated assault, giving false information to police and and no state driver’s license.

Collier was the prime suspect in two of the city’s most recent homicides when police attempted to pick him up Wednesday.

The female with Damion Collier at the time of the incident has not been charged in connection with the incident but has since taken to social media to challenge police officer’s account of what occurred during the shooting.

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