Pranksters Trash Smiths Station High

Lee County Sheriff's Department Investigating Vandalism

Lee County Law Enforcement tells First News this was no high school prank in Smiths Station where vandals littered school property with paint , toilet tissue , even wild animals.

Parents and students arriving to Smiths Station High were greeted Friday morning to an unusual scene that resembled a  mix of Farmville and Toomers Corners

Deputies say the pranksters are doing it wrong.

“Apparently they, the persons responsible were intending to issue a prank but it appears to us and I think most observers that it went beyond the category of a prank,” Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said.

So who thought decorating the School Buses and Buildings with profanity laced graffiti was a good idea? Good question.

School administrators are aiding the Lee County Sheriff’s Department with the help of Surveillance video taken at the school and while the Sheriff says other than the paint there is no structural damage to the property

it’s not a simple fix and they want whoever is responsible held accountable.

“Obviously this is not something that could be hosed down immediately or anything like that. It’s gonna take a little bit more work than simply cleaning something up and again it’s gonna expend time and effort and certainly run into a monetary consideration regard to putting things back the way the were,” the Sheriff said.

The Lee County Sheriff says the ongoing investigation will determine which crimes were committed and who exactly is responsible and he is hopeful after reviewing that surveillance video an arrest will be forthcoming.  

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