Scholar Athlete: Hardaway Track & Field/Volleyball, Jozalyn Albright

Jozalyn Albright is not just breaking the scale in the classroom with a 4.6 GPA, but also on the record books setting a new high at Hardaway high school for long jump.

“I just, I don’t like to lose whether it’s like on the court, or on the track, or in the classroom, so if I can get the highest grades then that’s pretty much what I aim for,” says Hardaway senior Jozalyn Albright.

She competes in the 200 meter race, 400 meter race, and 4×4 race, and has qualified for sectionals in each event.

Years ago when running was first introduced to her, it was anything but fun.

“My dad, when we were younger, whenever we would get in trouble, my dad would just have us run up the hill and do like ‘PT’ and I hated it, but I found the love for it,” says Albright.

Now, running has become a lifestyle and something that she hopes to make a career out of.

“Being able to watch college athletes, and like pro athletes, and olympic athletes on tv, and just kind of thinking like dang I could actually do that one day, like my times aren’t as far away from thier’s,” says Albright.

She’s also a member of the varsity volleyball team during the track offseason, as well as National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and math club.

When she’s not at school, she’s involved with Jack and Jill of America.

“We do kind of tackle different organizations as far as like being aware of mental illness and you know how to kind of stomp out the stigmas of ‘it’ being the issue, you know everybody kind of goes through their own thing,” says Albright.

She hopes to major in psychology when she goes to Cincinnati Christian where she was granted a full ride for track.

Congratulations to Jozalyn Albright of Hardaway high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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