State Fines Zeph Baker Repeatedly for Lack of Transparency

Mayoral Candidate Ticketed for Speeding 98 MPH 10 days ago

Zeph Baker is commanding the public’s attention for various reason including but not limited to:

multiple divorce filings that appear to bolster the claim he resides in NewnanBaker routinely racks up fines for refusing to file  financial disclosure forms

and most recently he was ticketed for flying 100 miles  an hour on the highway.

In a carefully scripted press conference, Zeph Baker dismissed those salacious  divorce documents, notably served to baker at his address in Newnan as nothing more than a mere orchestrated hit by his political opponents.

“They’re now stooping to attacks on my family and it’s shameful. This is win at any cost politics and it’s beyond dirty.” Zeph Baker

“I am focused on the fact that he does not live in Columbus, Georgia and you must live in Columbus, Georgia 24 months immediately preceding the May 22nd election. That is my sole focus and my sole purpose for putting the papers out.” Beth Harris

Baker said his family business was off limits but a check of public records regarding his political aspirations show a pattern and problem with transparency according to the campaign finance commission.

Zeph Baker has refused to submit disclosures showing where his money comes from in every race he has mounted in Muscogee County dating back to his first bid for Mayor in 2008.  

Baker has opted to pay fines instead, the most recent  bill due for failure to submit required financial forms from a failed bid for the Georgia House of Representatives and his current campaign for Mayor.

“Talk about the issues…”

Baker’s recent run in with the law, not the least of those issues after he was clocked at 98 miles an hour in a 70 mile an hour speed zone.

The ticket shows the officer cut him some slack reducing the speed to avoid a super speeder status and an additional fine from the state.

The city refused to turn over video of the traffic stop citing a pending court date coincidentally scheduled for May 23rd,

The day after the election.

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