Grand Jury Clears Driver who Hit Northside Teen

Two People Initially Charged for Death of Justin "JP" Johanson


The Grand Jury returned a no bill against Christine Mennona, the driver charged over a year ago with DUI and homicide by vehicle for running over Justin “JP Johanson who was lying in the intersection at the green island hills entrance.  police used a controversial formula to charge Mennona who recorded a blood alcohol level below the legal limit.

Her attorney Robert Jones says that evidence would not be enough to get a conviction at trial.

“It hasn’t reached the level of scientific reliability to be admissible in the court an so even though that was presented in Recorder’s Court at the preliminary hearing it more than likely would have not been admissible at trial.” Robert Jones, Attorney for Christine Mennona

Because the Grand Jury is secret, Jones says he can only speculate why the Grand Jury didn’t return an indictment , even on the lesser misdemeanor homicide by vehicle charge citing multiple factors including the time of night , where JP was in the roadway and evidence already introduced showing exact time and cause of death.

“They could not prove that he was alive at the time that Ms. Mennona struck him so all we know is that friends of his either let him out of the car, pushed him out of the car or either he got out of the car sometime not long before this but we don’t know how he got to be laying out in the roadway.

What we do know is the person  providing the alcohol that night, another teen Giovanni Montesclaros was indicted by the Grand Jury on four counts including false statements and felony contributing to the delinquency of a minor which resulted in the death of JP Johanson.


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