Scholar Athlete: Northside High School Soccer, Cari Anderson

Northside high school’s Cari Anderson recently scored the game winning goal against Columbus to claim the soccer programs first ever region title.

“One of my teammates got fouled right outside the 18 box, so it was on the right side and then I’m usually the one who takes most of our free kicks and penalty kicks, so I just went up there and then I kicked it to the left upper 90 corner,” says Northside senior center back Cari Anderson.

Despite a long soccer career, starting at the age of four, she has decided that it will end when graduation comes around this June. This decision doesn’t come easy ending a sport she’s fell in love with.

“Not really, but I’m going to have to because I don’t really want it to be my whole college life since I want to be successful later on,” says Anderson.

That mindset to put academics first translates in the classroom carrying a 3.97 GPA along with a full slate of extracurricular activities.

“Lots of clubs. Two AP classes. AP macro economics and AP lit and I’m in six clubs I think, yeah so it’s pretty busy,” says Anderson.

Her involvement in so many clubs has led her to find her drive to want to become a physical therapist.

“My sports medicine teacher is really good at her job and she loves it and then she just made me like it. She like transferred her passion for it to me,” says Anderson.

Congratulations to Cari Anderson of Northside high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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