Three Fishermen Killed on Lake Eufaula

Exclusive: Lifelong Friends Recovered after Five Day Search

52 year old Timothy Evans truck and boat trailer are exactly where he left them last Wednesday night at Thomas Mill Creek.

His wife says he and his friends learned to respect the Lake at an early age.

“All three of ’em were excellent boatmen, fishermen. They’ve done this for years. I think my husband was probably 2 years old when he first had a rod and reel in his hands.” Debbie Evans

But by Thursday the family sounded the alarm bells to law enforcement and the Henry County Sheriff’s department launched a massive search.

They discovered the body of Timothy Evans Friday.

“The first night of course, I grieved for my husband but the second night when the friends were not (found) I literally was awake all night with my heart hurting more than it’s ever hurt for anything knowing the other wives and families did not have closure.” Debbie Evans

54 year old John White was recovered Sunday not far from his friend.

And after five days of searching , using sonar technology like the kind used in last week’s search of the Chattahoochee, rescue workers found the boat submerged in about 30 feet of water.

“We finally found the boat, sure did about 10:15 this morning.”
Reporter: And where was it?

“It was about 200 yards north of Dixon slough about 100 yards out in the lake.”  Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox

The body of 51 year old Keith Price was recovered just after lunch near the boat.

What exactly caused the accident is still under investigation but foul play is not suspected.

“No, no foul play is suspected. They were all three real close friends. They’ve been fishing together for a long time and they’ve been fishing in this lake for a long time. Something had to have happened. It was a medical emergency or they ran into something. Cable broke. I don’t know. We’ll know when we look at the boat. Maybe we’ll know something. May not know anything then.”

The wife of Timonty Evans said he had some prophetic words shortly before  the accident and that this would be his last fishing trip , he likely meant for this season.

“My husband had once said several times that if he could choose how he could die he would die fishing.

And he did.”

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