Victim’s Family Unleashes Holy Hell on Upatoi Killer

Three Sentenced for the Triple Murder of Gloria Short, Caleb Short and Gianna Lindsey

Victim’s Family Squares off with Killer in Court.

It was the day of reckoning for three people convicted for the brutal beating deaths of Gloria Short , her teenage son Caleb Short and ten year old granddaughter Gianna Lindsey who were  slaughtered with a 20 pound dumbbell  by their long time family friend Jevarceay Tapley, and his two co-conspirators Rufus Burks and Raheem Gibson.

Robert Short, who wailed to police after finding the bodies in a 911 call that  set the tone for entire trial , lost his wife, son and grandddaughter.

“How do I explain the impact of losing three members of my family?” Robert Short

Short stood composed telling the Judge of the sheer betrayal by Tapley, a man he had known since he was a baby.

“Wherever Caleb and I went, Jevarceay Tapley was there with us most of the time.” Robert Short

The youngest victim remembered by her Aunt Lindsey Robertson who sobbed recounting what the ten year old’s final moments must have been like.

“How fearful she must have been when life was leaving her little body. The last chapeter of her little life has closed and so should yours. You dodn’t deserve a second chance because they didn’t have a second chance. you should never see the light of day ever again.” Lindsey Robertson

Gianna Lindsey’s mother spoke next holding a picture of the prime suspect swimming in their back yard pool with all of his victims.

“I hope you see this picture. Can you see it? Can you? You destroyed everything. You’ve taken everything from us for nothing. We can’t get them back. For shoes? Money? A Playstation?

You deserve to DIE.  I wish you were 18 years old to get the death penalty.” Shameika Averett

Shameika Averett asking the question she said her family will never get an answer to.

“Why? WHY? WHY? WHY?”

And then telling Tapley there was a special place in hell awaiting.

“You will suffer on this side and the other! When you close your eyes for the final time the nightmare will only be just beginning. The demons and imps in hell are anxiously awaiting to greet you.”

Using legal terms Chief Judge Gil Mcbride said Tapley fit the definition of “irreparably corrupt” sentencing the mastermind of the triple slayings to life without the possibility of parole.

Rufus Burks who helped tie up Caleb Short was sentenced to Life plus 15 years.

Raheem Gibson , who got scared and never entered the home, later cooperating with police received a 30 year sentence.

Many of the family members here also mentioning a 4th victim who is rarely brought up associated with this case.

Robert Averett, the brother of Gloria Short who died of a heart attack upon hearing the news that Tapley, who lived with him committed the crimes.

He died they said of a broken heart.

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