Report: School Altercation Did Not Cause Leg Amputation

Muscogee County School District Dropped from Montravious Thomas Lawsuit

Report: School Altercation Did Not Cause Leg Amputation

The School District’s dismissal from that lawsuit means, in short, nobody’s getting a $25 million dollar paycheck as a result of the incident.

In fact, First News can report, for the first time publicly that police investigators,  and attorneys for the defendants, suspected, almost immediately, that the student’s injuries were sustained  before his encounter with Behavior Specialist Bryant Mosley.

While there is no police report available to confirm this theory, multiple official sources, tell First News that medical evidence could prove Thomas was severely injured before going to school the day of that confrontation.

Shortly after 13 year old Montravious Thomas‘ altercation with Bryant Mosley inside the Edgewood Alternative School, Thomas‘ name and hospital picture were published by All-on-Georgia.

School Board member Frank Myers, accused the school district of a coverup, saying Thomas‘ leg had to be amputated because he was allegedly body slammed by Mosley.

But, after that altercation Thomas‘ own relatives reportedly blurted out , that the 13 year old had actually hurt himself in a car crash before his interaction with Mosley.

Police reports obtained by First News, including all crashed vehicle incidents during that time period show names redacted and many incidents didn’t even list a driver.

Police say, that’s because when a car is stolen and crashed, the person responsible doesn’t hang around at the scene to talk about it.

David Mize, an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice, was retained by Behavior Specialist Bryant Mosley to defend him in the case.

Nearly 18 months later, police sources tell First News, that the criminal investigation into what happened in that classroom, is still open.


Investigators say, that Thomas‘ attorneys have refused to release his medical records, or to make available the teen for a police interview.

Court documents show that Bryant Mosley’s employer at the time of the incident, Mentoring and Behavioral Services, LLC, has made multiple requests to depose Montravious Thomas.

The latest filing shows the teen is scheduled to be interviewed at the Youth Detention Center later this month.

Law Enforcement sources close to the investigation, tell First News Thomas is being held at that facility for allegedly stealing a car.

And, why hasn’t the full video of that altercation between Thomas and Mosley been seen?

The school district needs the mother’s permission to release it and she has refused.

But, official sources who’ve seen it, say the video recorded inside the classroom that day, shows Thomas, in their words – “wildly out of control”, and, does not support the lawsuit’s allegation that the teen was an innocent victim.


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