Ex Military, Doting Dad Dies trying to Rescue Son

Search Continues for Missing 4 Year Old on Bibb Pond

Officials here say they brought out every resource available to help locate the missing 4 year old. In the meantime a portrait of the victims has emerged in this heartbreaking tragedy.

Ryan Rabon was a doting father of three small children, ex military who honorably served his country and appeared to love adventure time with his family.

Rabon was fishing with his four year old son Beau at this popular spot near Lake Oliver Dam here when the incident occurred.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing the father attempting to save his son.

After five agonizing days of searching the Game Warden spotted the father from the air shortly before his body was recovered Easter Sunday  just 200 feet from where he disappeared. 

According to the Rabon family’s social media profile,  Ryan was baptized a little more than a month ago.

Family members posting this proud picture of the Charleston native.

Batallion Chief Bryan Watson has worked the rescue operation since day one , last Wednesday and while acknowledging he sees a  lot of tragedy in his line of work,

this particular incident he says has been difficult.

“It’s always worse when you’re dealing with children. I’ve been doing this for 34 years, I mean I don’t like to see anytingn involving a child but heir sense of urgency , we step it up when there is children obviously that’s just human nature. And we have no plans at this point in time of backing off of it.” Chief Bryan Watson

According to eyewitness accounts the heroic 27 year old father had successfully reached his son before both slipped under the current.

The search will continue according to Chief Watson until they make a full recovery.


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