Columbus Lions Welcome Back The Rest Of The Team


The Columbus Lions welcomed back the big guys this morning at practice as the offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, and fullbacks joined the rest of the team.

The Lions are coming off a 10-4 season, losing in the championship to the Jacksonville Sharks.

They intend to get back to the ship this year and it all gets started two weeks from now against the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks.

This year they looked to add more size to the roster and it didn’t go unnoticed today at practice.

“Yeah we have a lot of offensive lineman that are very very athletic and that’s good for us, but bad for us as defensive lineman, but you know it’s cool. I‘m glad you know we stepped up in that aspect,” says Columbus Lions rookie defensive lineman Corey Crawford.

“Yeah they are and a lot of them you know I was teasing them saying, how much do you weigh and he’s like 330 and i’m like 330, you look 270. I mean they keep getting bigger every year. The dbs get bigger the recievers get bigger and so I think in arena football, more so than anything else, size is a key factor because of the space of the field and the length,” says Columbus Lions head coach Jason Gibson. 

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