Columbus YouTube Stars Find Gun In Canal, Police Now Investigating

The two Youtube stars who dive for treasure down at the Chattahoochee River came up on a new discovery.

They switched up their locations and were searching in an urban canal near Midtown Columbus for some new finds.

What they found was something they never expected.

A gun, which they turned over to police.

“We are never ones to keep stuff that’s not ours. Being able to hand this over to police was the best way to go about it,’’ said Jake Koehler, whose Youtube Channel is DALLMYD.

“We’ve found so many weird things. Now, it’s just one more thing to add to the list,” said Brandon Jordan, YouTube Channel is Jiggin’ with Jordan.

Now in the possession of the Columbus Police Department they said they will run the serial number and see if it’s connected to any crimes.

“If we get a record of it and it’s local, say it’s stolen out of a car or out of a home, or used in a commission of a crime, and if we can tie it to a case here, then it will be sent to the robbery or homicide unit and they will do the follow up on it,” said Sgt. Thomas Hill with the Columbus Police Department.

They thank the two for turning the gun into police.

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