Widow: Retired MSG shot dead was a “Saver”

Shannon Freeman says Suspect and his Wife shouted Racial Slurs

The family of Lorenzo Freeman Sr spoke publicly for the first time since the retired MSG was gunned down in the parking lot of the Dollar General in Fort Mitchell.

Their attorney asking the public to call this incident what it is.

“Like I tell everyone, they was calling us niggers. I’m just gonna be straight up. You know, I want everybody to know they was calling us niggers.” Shannon Freeman

“This is a hate crime, pure and simple.” Attorney Dwayne Brown

According to Law Enforcement Lorenzo Freeman Senior was shot dead coming to the aid of his son after 27 miles of road rage from Columbus to Fort Mitchell involving Justin Davidson and his wife. But the Freeman’s attorney said the term “road rage” sanitizes the incident.

“My point is we have to send a message that when you in fact commit racially motivated crimes there will be the strictest punishment under the law.” Attorney Dwayne Brown

The widow of Lorenzo Freeman who was a retired combat medic,  noted her husband’s two decades of service called the shooting totally senseless.

“I mean this didn’t even have to happen. My husband is not, he’s not a killer he’s a saver. He saves people’s lives he doesn’t take lives. They murdered my husband and I want justice and I want justice to be served.”

For the District Attorney’s part lead prosecutor Ken Davis tells First News they sought the highest non capital bond ever at half a million dollars, refused to reduce it and vowed to present all the evidence to a Grand Jury in May asking bluntly “what else can I do”?

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