Scholar Athlete: Columbus High School Baseball, Trent Swinehart

Columbus high school’s Trent Swinehart isn’t wasting any time his senior year taking 3 AP classes, is in National Honor Society and the National Math Honor Society, all while maintaining a 4.5 GPA.

“It’s all about managing my time and most weeks during the winter I had to manage basketball and my school schedule and then now in the spring I manage baseball and my school schedule and it’s pretty tough to be honest,” says Columbus high school senior third baseman Trent Swinehart. 

One unique factor that stands out on the varsity baseball team, is that they don’t have captains. This is to encourage the seniors to step into that role on thier own, something Trent has had no problem handling.

“I think the older you are and the longer you’ve been in the program, you should know more and people should look up to you and you should lead by example,” says Swinehart. 

Trent plans on continuing his baseball career into college, but before he graduates he hopes to put up another state championship on the wall.

“I’m just going to miss the the level of excellence that is expected here and that we’re expected to compete for a state championship every year and that level of competitiveness,” says Swinehart. 

Congratulations to Trent Swinehart of Columbus high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete. 

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