Report: Road Rage Suspect shouted racial slurs before Shooting

Evidence shows Justin Davidson shot Lorenzo Freeman with Shotgun

Murder suspect Justin Davidson appeared here at the Russell County Judicial Center this week for a preliminary hearing where evidence revealed Lorenzo Freeman Sr. was blown away by Davidson and his 12 gauge shotgun.

Investigators told a Russell County Judge Justin Davidson had no justification for taking the life of Lorenzo Freeman who died from multiple shotgun blasts in an effort to protect his son

and now a number of people have come forward to report Davidson was shouting racial slurs as he began firing on Freeman.

“Whether this is in fact a hate crime is something that will be determined at the Grand Jury. There is evidence of that.” Ken Davis

But the District Attorney said there is no question  the deadly incident started more than 20 miles away on the other side of the River.

“We remain convinced that this began as a road incident and that it actually began in Columbus, Georgia.” Ken Davis

Davidson petitioned the court to lower his bond of a half a million dollars but the DA’s office successfully argued against that.

“This particular case we felt like we had reason to believe that the defendant could well be a flight risk.”

Justin Davidson, also a former soldier remains behind bars on that $500,000 dollar bond.


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