Jury Finds Cordera Calloway Guilty in 2015 Ski Lodge Apartment Murder

It only took the jury 30 minutes to find Cordera Calloway guilty of murder. The prosecution believes evidence and witness testimony is what sold the jury on this verdict.

The murder, the prosecution argued, was all because of a girl. Calloway’s then pregnant girlfriend.

The two got into an altercation a few hours before Cordera Johnson was shot to death.

“Mr. Calloway basically waited on him at his home and when he got out of his car, he walked up the steps and was gunned down by Mr. Calloway,” said Lee County Asst. District Attorney, Clay Thomas.

The witnesses who took the stand during the trial, Calloway’s ex-girlfriend and a co-worker, told the jury that Calloway confessed to the murder.

“He basically told the girl, who the fight was over, what he had done the night after he did it. He also told a co-worker the next day the details of the murder only the killer would know,” said Thomas.

They also said cell phone evidence was strong. Cell phone tower records show he made calls around the area of Ski Lodge apartments that night.

“Collectively, we were able to find justice for Cordera Johnson and his family,” said Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes.

But, the defense argued they didn’t have any DNA or fingerprints from the scene, the murder weapon, eye witness testimony and he never confessed to police. Calloway kept his story and stuck to his story that he wasn’t there that night.

“Mr. Calloway’s defense was, he wasn’t the one who shot and killed Mr. Johnson and the state didn’t have any physical evidence tying him to the scene or murder. He’s kept his innocence since the beginning and voluntarily went to the police and said he wasn’t apart of it and it hadn’t changed,” said Lauyrn Lauderdale, Calloway’s Defense Attorney.

Lauderdale said they will appeal the verdict.

Calloway’s sentencing hearing will be sometime in April. He could face 20 years to life in prison.

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