Student Faces Auburn Disciplinary Board After Making Social Media Threat

A student who posted an online threat, toward Auburn Junior High, as a prank, has been disciplined, said a source to the investigation. That threatening post was recirculated.

Police and school administrators investigated, questioned the student, and brought him before a disciplinary hearing board on Tuesday.

Three school board members, the school superintendent, the student services director and the city attorney decided discipline for the student.

That happened in a closed session of the board.

“I have several options.I can recommend expulsion, if I think a student needs to be outside of our school up to a calendar year. We have alternative schools and in school suspension opportunities in our schools and we use a day school out at the Lee County Development Center. It can be less severe than that it depends on what we learn in the hearing,” said Dr. Karen Delano, Auburn City Schools Superintendent.

Dr. Delano couldn’t confirm exactly what disciplinary action the student faces. She did point out that students who make like threats will face consequences.

“Every threat has to be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if it’s shortly after an event, it’s never humorous to scare people or to use threats to get attention,” said Dr. Delano.

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