Shaw High Student Solicits Hit Man on Snap Chat

Killian Storm held without Bond for Criminal Solicitation

According to court testimony Killian Storm took to social media in search of a hit man.

Storm approached a juvenile on Snap Chat who posted an arsenal of firearms messaging “I need someone gone. Is there anyway you can help”

and “I need someone killed”. But the juvenile bristled and a parent brought the messages to the attention of Shaw High School.

“I don’t think he was serious. You know children age 18, he’s a young man. Young men say stupid things.”

Attorney Mark Post told the court the teenager abandoned the plan to kill but the parents of the intended target, a fellow Shaw student pleaded with the court to keep Storm behind bars fearing for their son’s safety.
“There were a lot of rumors going around at the school but his was simply a situation where some speech was made on snap chat and that’s it. No steps were taken, no additional steps or anything like that to actually follow through with this kind of thing.” Mark Post

In a police interview, Killian Storm said he was bullied at school , so much so he brought a fake gun on campus.

He said classmates taunted him as the next school shooter.

“He was bullied and that’s gonna be a long story. There’s a lot to look into with regard to that. He was being bullied before that, he continued to be bullied so this is a case more about bullying than it is actually solicitation of some criminal offense.”

Judge Julius Hunter said if that juvenile Storm contacted was a willing participant we would be looking at a very different outcome ordering the teen held without bond.

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