Prosecutor: Former Parks and Rec Employee ran Side Business

Kelvin Thomas convicted after using City Supplies to Paint Football Fields

Prosecutors say the case against Kelvin Thomas started a few years ago when a Phenix City employee noticed city workers landscaping Thomas‘ own home.
“And the employee for the Public Works decided that something looked wrong because these were city workers working on what seemed to be city time with city equipment.” Justin Clark

A full investigation revealed Thomas and three of his employees  painted local football fields with Phenix City materials.

The city budgeted 3 to 4 thousand dollars for paint, at one point Thomas was using three times that.

“Effectively one year causing nearly a $12,000 glut in the city’s budget. $12,000 worth of paint.” Assistant District Attorney, Justin Clark

Justin Clark, the Assistant DA who tried Thomas said the case highlights a lack of accountability with Phenix City finances.

“And they rubber stamped paint purchases. By doing that they allowed the theft to occur.

The conviction he says also sends a message if you use your government job to profit at the people’s expense you will be prosecuted.

“Government is supposed to be for us, be for the people and it’s not supposed to be for the people in government. It’s supposed to be for the public and so I think that was a good result and we’re pleased with it.” Justin Clark

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