Auburn University Holds Emergency Preparedness & Active Shooter Training Course

Auburn University held a training for their employees on emergency preparedness and active shooter response.

They hold one every month, but offer more if a department wants it.

They talk about any emergency that can happen. It can be as simple as as a fire alarm, to severe weather, calling 911 and more. In situations, they want their staff to be able to get help there as soon as possible and give good information to first responders.

For the active shooter course, they talk about options. Equipping the staff with options, so they can quickly make a decision to save their life and others around them as well.

“When you have an incident that happens, we get a lot of phone calls and messages wanting to have additional classes. With our department, we never turn a class down. We will make it happen,” said Chance Corbett, Auburn University’s Executive Director of Campus Safety & Security.

They host these types of trainings for students three times per semester.

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