Trial Begins in May 2015 Ski Lodge Apartment Murder

Cordera Calloway Accused of Shooting & Killing Cordera Johnson

Two men. Same first name. One dead. The other on trial for the murder.

Prosecutors said Cordera Calloway shot and killed Cordera Johnson at the Ski Lodge Apartments in Opelika back on May 10, 2015.

The 911 call for help played in the courtroom on the the night 26-year old Johnson was gunned down.

The prosecution’s first witness said she heard 9 to 10 gunshots that night and saw the dying man lying outside her apartment.

“I ran up to him to see if he was injured and waited until ambulance got there. I made the call. I was making sure he stayed conscious. Then I got some towels and applied pressure on the blood to make sure it would stop,” said LaTasha Garcia, the Prosecution’s First Witness.

The prosecution told the jurors, Calloway and Johnson got into an altercation earlier that night.

Opelika officers took the stand to testify that, a few hours later, they found Johnson, shot and dying at Ski Lodge Apartments.

A representative from AT&T also testified, called up by the prosecution, to see if Calloway made a call near Ski Lodge Apartments that night.

The prosecution says witness testimony, pictures and evidence will show Calloway was the man who pulled the trigger that night.

The defense argues Calloway wasn’t even at Ski Lodge apartments the night of the murder and there’s no DNA evidence to prove that he was.

Johnson was shot multiple times and died later at East Alabama Medical Center.

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