Rain, Wind And Cold…..Oh My!

Potential Frost/Freeze Later This Week

Wet weather is on the move, but it will not include thunderstorms.    Showers will quickly blossom into a soaking rain Tuesday morning.   If you’re a light sleeper and don’t wake until after the sun,  the rain may be a rude awakening for you.   The rain will not be an all-day event though.   Rain will quickly taper to a shower before ending from northwest to southeast during the late morning or early afternoon.   Most areas will pick up over a half inch of rain by then, so be careful and give yourself extra to arrive at your destination.

Cold air, which originated over the Northwest Territories of Canada, will funnel in behind this storm.  You can already see temperatures in the 30s from Montana and points eastward.  Now, factor in a gusty wind over 20 mph at times on Wednesday, and the end result will be no-justice sunshine with FeelsLike temperatures near 50.    Once the wind diminishes, the stage is set for a frost or freeze.   If a freeze occurs, it’ll be outside of town where temperatures are likely to dip into the 20s.   Downtown, and along the Chattahoochee, temperatures will hit bottom in the lower 30s.

The weekend will warm ahead of the next storm, and that may arrive as early as late Saturday/Saturday night; lingering into the first half of Sunday.    Outdoor plans this weekend?  Early may be your best bet, as another dose of cold air arrives at the tail end of the weekend.   Stay tuned, and stay safe.

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