A New Week; A New Storm

Cold Air To Follow

Showers will dot the Alabama and Georgia landscape early on this evening.  However, I will suggest keeping outdoor plans and just grabbing an umbrella as the showers will not last long in any one given location, and will soon fizzle.

The center of our next storm will begin to take shape across our area during the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, in the form of rain.  No thunderstorms are expected with this system, but it should be a decent soaker through the midday and early part of the afternoon hours.

Sunshine Wednesday will be accompanied by a chilly wind.   A frost and/or freeze is possible for many come Thursday morning with an even greater threat Friday morning.   Heating bills unfortunately will be rising during this time period.

The next storm arrives this weekend; primarily late Saturday into Sunday afternoon.   Stay tuned, and stay safe.

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