CSU Women’s Basketball Is Going Dancing


The CSU women’s basketball team got some exciting news last night that they’re going dancing this March.

The Lady Cougars received its fifth at large bid to compete in the NCAA women’s basketball tournament.

Following the loss in the Peach Belt Conference tournament semifinals, CSU thought they saw their 19-9 season come to a close.

They will now continue their post season stint against Wingate in the first round this Friday at 2:30 on the road as the seventh seed in the southeast region.

“So luckily we are blessed to see another day and keep dancing, but now from here on out we know we’ve got to get it going and grind it out and so I think you know they are living off last years success, but it’s a whole new team, different ball game, and we’ve taken a different journey to the region this year,” says CSU women’s basketball head coach Anita Howard. 

“Actually it’s a blessing. Not everyone makes it, so it’s always great to make it, so we hope to go pretty far,” says CSU women’s basketball junior guard Tatiana Wayne. 

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