Auburn University Honors College Receives Negative Response After White Supremacy Event

Auburn University’s Honors College facing some negative comments after hosting a viewing of a documentary on white nationalism and white supremacy.

Then, they were going to have a discussion on the origin of white supremacy.

Auburn University released this statement over the weekend saying:

“Auburn University is committed to creating an inclusive campus environment where all students are welcome and encouraged to engage and thrive. We promote academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas as essential elements of a vibrant university. As a research institution, robust exchanges within the marketplace of ideas should be fueled by critical thinking and tempered with respect for the individual and for diverse views. Often at Auburn, our values of free speech and the divisiveness of dissenting perspectives are in conflict. The result of this conflict can sometimes create an unwelcoming environment for members of the Auburn Family.

This week, members of our campus community voiced their concerns following an academic event sponsored by the Honors College. The content of that event left some with concerns over its impact on our campus. We do not support the beliefs expressed by members of the White Student Union, a group that is not affiliated with the university, nor do we support our campus becoming a platform for the advancement of them. Auburn University will continue to rise to the challenge of learning and demonstrating the merits of productive civil discourse.

As a campus community that values both free speech and human dignity, it is our responsibility to approach intellectual exchanges of opposing viewpoints in ways that reflect our support for a diverse learning environment and the educational benefits such an environment affords every student.

Constructive approaches to intellectually diverse exchanges have been modeled on our campus throughout this academic year. We remain committed to creating a campus environment where diverse viewpoints and civil discourse can coexist. As part of this commitment, we are investing in developmental opportunities that will better equip our campus to more skillfully engage and facilitate these important conversations in a constructive manner befitting a great, public, land grant institution. In the coming days, members of the university‚Äôs administration will be meeting with student groups on campus to listen and continue fostering this important dialogue.”

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