Two Unrelated Incidents at Opelika Middle School Spark Extra Police Presence on Every Campus in the System

Two unrelated incidents at Opelika Middle School spark extra police presence on every campus in the system.

Wednesday afternoon, an unloaded BB gun fell out of the backpack of a sixth grader as he got off the school bus. The bus driver told the school about it. No threat or plan discovered tied to that BB gun.

“We make sure the student isn’t being a victim and we make sure we follow all leads. We just have kids making very poor decisions,” said Dr. Mark Neighbors, Opelika City Schools Superintendent.

Then, Thursday morning, a parent reports social media threats made against her son. Police interview at least three other sixth graders about this second incident.The kids who posted to be disciplined.

School officials and police encouraging parents to do what that parent did, tightly monitor their kids’ phones and social media accounts.

“I think it’s a very sensitive world we live in. We have to inform our children. If it goes on there, it’s on there forever. Someone can find it if they really want to and that’s how our world is now,” said Gini Young, parent of four kids.

And, what some kids may think of as a prank, can get them in serious trouble with police.

“This is not joke, it’s not a prank and it’s not funny. These charges are pursued by the police department because you can’t make a mistake when it comes to something of this nature. So, we investigate every allegation and report we receive and depending on what is said and done, it can be a felony and it’s a charge that can stay with you the rest of your life. It’s not something to joke around, it’s not trash talking, it’s a crime and we take it very seriously,” said Cpt. Bobby Kilgore with the Opelika Police Department.

Police and school administrators pointing out that no specific threat toward Opelika Middle School.

Despite the two incidents there, officials say Thursday was a “normal” school day.

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