T-Storm Thursday

Bright Weekend

Humid weather is in through Thursday.   However, a cool front approaching during the afternoon hours will see to a big change in that department.   Said front will be accompanied by gusty showers and thunderstorms, any of which can have a wind gust over 40 mph, so caution is advised.   Before then, there will be a plethora of clouds and a shower in spots.

Things will dry out pretty rapidly Thursday evening, leading to more sunshine Friday through this upcoming weekend.   But, with a fresh air mass that has Polar and Pacific origins, the nights will become pretty chilly.  So, unfortunately heating bills will be going up.   The afternoons will be quite nice though with that sunshine.

The next storm will arrive toward Tuesday of next week, so there are at least four days to get out and enjoy nature’s beauty;  that’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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