Policeman adopts K9 Partner after Cancer Diagnosis

SGT Clayton Bryant : "Rik never gave up on Me"

“Rik” The Police K9 stole the hearts of his coworkers after several years on duty and when the 9 year old Belgian Malinois was forced into early retirement, his partner answered the call.

For the last four years SGT Clayton Bryant and his K9 have pulled many 12 hour shifts together tracking narcotics, searching for bad guys and missing people but last week everything changed.

“Tuesday night we were tracking on an armed robbery and Wednesday he took a dive and by Thursday we didn’t know if he was going to live.” SGT Clayton Bryant

Rik was diagnosed with lymphoma, a career ending  potentially terminal illness. 

After 48 hours ,  Rik responded to treatment but unable to serve on the force, he needed a place to live.

SGT Bryant had the perfect retirement community in mind….his own home.

“For a day or so I was on pins and needles but he got his first treatment Friday morning and Saturday afternoon when I left to go to work he was standing at this Kennel wanting to know why he wasn’t going. I mean he was literally standing at the gate going Hey!” SGT Bryant

The police Sergeant credits his k9 partner with defusing too many situations to count he says Rik never quit on him so he’s not about to quit on Rik.


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