LaGrange Police Dog To Leave the Force After Being Diagnosed with Cancer

Police Handler Will Care for "Rik" in Retirement

“Rik”, a LaGrange police dog, will retire from active duty police work after being diagnosed with lymphoma.

The K9, a six year veteran of the force, is responding well to treatment.

The dog’s law enforcement partner, LaGrange Police Sgt. Clayton Bryant, will care for Rik after the K9 leaves the force.

“He’s worked hard enough for me and the City of LaGrange to get to enjoy the last part of his life,” says Bryant.

Despite Rik’s retirment, the City of LaGrange has agreed to cover all treatment expenses for the dog’s treatment and recovery.

The 9-year-old Belgian Malinois began his training as a K9 in October 2012.

Sgt. Clayton Bryant has been Rik’s handler for four years.

Sgt. Bryant says he would never let his former partner suffer and plans to take care of the dog for the rest of his life.

“There’s no telling how many houses or buildings he’s cleared so that a human officer didn’t have to, or how many situations were defused by his mere presence,” says Bryant. “Just as he’s had my back for several years and never quit on me, now it’s my turn, and I’m not quitting on him.”

Sgt. Bryant recently received a promotion. So, he will not be taking on another K9 partner.

Information for this article was provided in a written statement from the City of LaGrange Marketing and Communications Manager.

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