Teen wanted for Vehicular Homicide Arrested Multiple Times

Raheem McClam Speeding 84 MPH when he Killed Claudia Johnson

Police Investigators say 19 year old Raheem McClam was racing down Steam Mill Road 84 miles an hour in a 35 speed zone when he slammed into a Hyundai carrying Claudia Johnson, killing the Columbus woman in her own driveway.

Crash investigators used accident reconstruction and technology data to reveal what really happened on Steam Mill Road that wintry night in January.

“We pulled a crash data record download which each vehicle has that records the speed and time before impact and that’s how we got the speed.”  SGT Fred Carnes

As a passenger in the vehicle, Claudia Johnson took a direct hit from the Crown Victoria Raheem McClam was driving with six other passengers in tow.

Two victims remain hospitalized more than a month after the incident.

McClam has a lengthy rap sheet and is well known to Law Enforcement.

Just two weeks prior to the accident he was arrested after a high speed chase in Opelika, Alabama that started with a Burglary call.

Now he’s facing 16 more charges in connection to the fatal crash in East Columbus.

“Reckless driving, speeding, no state tag, no proof of insurance, tail lights, reckless conduct, seatbelt 6 times, too fast for conditions, passing in a no passing zone.” SGT Fred Carnes

Raheem McClam had an appointment to meet police Friday but he never showed.

He’s now wanted on an outstanding warrant for Felony Homicide by Vehicle.

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